About Jane

My love for film and photography has been the culmination of many remarkable experiences and life events; from growing up on a farm and a love of nature inspired through my grandfather, encouragement by a teacher to take photos, navigating swamps in Mozambique, viewing gorillas in forests of Uganda, hot air ballooning above the Serengeti, photographing water rafting in Switzerland, flying in helicopters across the endless woodlands, exploring areas inhabited by Big-5, to the seemingly insignificant moment I remember so vividly as a child seeing a polaroid image magically appearing and coming to life. Underlying all of this, and most importantly, are the amazing people I have met, those who have inspired and shaped me in becoming the person I am today. Their passion has fueled my self-taught love of telling stories and documenting the lives around us using visual media.

I live in the heart of the KZN Midlands with my gorgeous little family, connecting with amazing people and the environment around us. I am a director at FreeMe Wildlife which I am really passionate about. I believe wildlife really needs our support in this country. In collaboration with two friends we have produced an eight-part series about the day in the life of what they do and how they do it. 

Presented on the People Weather channel (DSTV 180) we hope to share our story and inspire people to become custodians and support our wildlife that is in need of care as our human population encroaches more and more onto their environment.

If you would like to support wildlife in its fight for survival, then please consider FreeMe Wildlife as one of your charities.